August 13th 2008

10 years ago the zor.org domain was registered

The Crack News you're reading now started about two years before that, but with no record of the actual date we can maybe use August 13th 1998 as the official start up.  And that means the zor community has been going for ten years solid.

The oldest page I have is from July 26th 1998 - check it out to see the sort of world we lived in then!  Thanks to Hayn for digging that one up.....

The crack sites to your right have been amended to list some of the great names and groups over the years.  I know there are many sites that could be there, but those listed were selected on the basis of all having been on the news page for extended periods of time - most are from around 1999.

Some links remain active here as a reminder of the golden days. If you're keen to do some more reminiscing, click on any active link and see where it takes you.

And of course the zor.org redirector is still available, and the yourname@zor.org email address is still ticking along.  But most importantly, the Discussion Board is as active now as it has ever been.  Click on the link above and check it out if you haven't been there.  The 10th anniversary celebration saw many people, including some great names of the past post their reminisces and recollections of the past ten years:

Bloodtales: Congratz and all the best !!!!  The most fascinating fact for me were the daily news and the Top 10 list of good workin' groups. That was like a daily newspaper and just great. It wasnt just some news board, it was a real community with irc channel, great gfx artists and a lot of fun

Alpha1: Happy 10th year Zor. I wish you all the best from your friend Alpha1 at TnT

JohnC: Congratulations to Zor - 10 years is amazing

Bubba Zenetti
: I think the first time I ever heard about Zor's was back in the #1 Texas Crack Site days when the only way to access a lot of the top crack sites was through Zor's.
Talked to Coke for the first time in awhile a week ago, nice to catch up with him. Remember ThndrKiss and S2K? Haven't heard from him in some time

Nitrox: Best wishes for another 10 years

Fisben: Lets not forget peeps/groups like Mysfyt, ringer, Pvtctzn, TKC for the early tuts serials 99 crew, the oscar team, hambo, Keygen Studio, Zutphen, Sir Greg, Leonardos World, The Egoiste, Nitallica, F.O.S.I, COR, Cosmo Conner, yoshi, flying raichu, SirDream, Butterflylady, raye, and may others that have slipped away over the years

Kritter: Wow, has it been that long? Happy anniversary! Been around since the crack news page days, bout 1997 I guess

Harryperatestes: Ten years already? Where have they gone...
Seeing the names of all the fine folks mentioned brings back all the good times

Hetman: Well happy Birthday Zor. Damm it's great to see all the old nicks all in one place again. And its great to remember some of the members that are no longer with us. Damm I remember tracking Antizor across the net for hours/days on end what a asshole. ZOR & BAMAFATS legends in there own time

Thanks for the kind words guys.  As we head towards the next 10 year anniversary, just a few people I'd like to thank personally for their contribution.  First up the three people who were exceptional in the early days, Cokebottle, Bamafats and Netking.  Expecially worth remembering since I'm not sure if either of the first two are still with us.....

And others that come to mind - sorry to those I miss - who did the hard work to keep the newspage or discussion board a vibrant and fun place include: Pvtctzn, Cyclopz, hacker, Dark Gypsy, Naq, Bubba Zenetti, Crack King, Gogol, Raye, Cyclops, villan, alfa, Shad, Ringer, Scarecrow, Mysfyt, Russ97, Osmooms and Leonardo (yes, he was a real person!)

Finally, a special thanks to the people that made it all work, the crackers.  I don't like to single people out, but do want to to pass on my personal thanks to some individuals: Doit4Kicks, Raybiez, Krobar, Flying Raichu, Mr White, Alpha1, Sir Dream and Potsmoke I'm still as impressed with your work today as I was back in 1998.