Updated July 26th

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Cokebottle, the world's best cracker, has opened up his tightly restricted Anthrax pages, exclusively for the readers of Zor's Crack Links. Thanks to the generosity of Cokebottle, you have access to both the Mexican and Australian mirrors. And as an added bonus, the anthrax.org page is again available - WITH PASSWORD.


Klimpong's.Anthrax.org login - visitor, pw - zEbRa8.

Top 10 Crack Pages




Hackers Supply


Hacker has opened up his list of cracks and other goodies for visitors to Zor's Crack Links. ONLY for readers of this page. Excellent collection! LOGIN AND PASSWORD IS HS98

The Exterminators


Quality cracks, usually on a daily basis from this hard working group. Very Attractive site with lots of info. Visit daily

Mexelite in Russia


Great list of cracks from July and dozens from earlier months. Impressive site that is becoming very popular

Peter's Page


Easy to use Italian page with Leoworld cracks, including the latest release from 11 July. Fast loading, very reliable page - the place to go for new Leoworld cracks

Generation X


Good new page that specialises in listing key generators from the well known cracking groups. Exclusively for readers of this page. Not updated for a while though

#1 Texas Crack Site


No introduction necessary for this famous crack site. Updated a couple of days ago and also given a facelift. Now needs a login and pw - IMPORTANT NW98 for both. Click on the last line

Little Cyberia


Latest crack pack, from only a few days ago, is now available. Good list of cracks



Click on the link to get access to search engines for cracks, serials, leoworld cracks, midis and more. Now with the latest Leoworld cracks from yesterday!



Good list of original cracks, most notably of German progs. Well known group with some excellent cracks. Also take crack requests

The Gimp


Original list of cracks from a lone, hardworking cracker. Excellent list of hard to find cracks

Worth Looking At

Chafe's Cracks

No Fear

Paradox Crew


ILS Group


Law Abiding Criminals


Cracking 4 All


Looking for a Crack? Ask Crack King!

 What's New - July 26th

Hi again. Big news for the day is that there has been a leoworld update. The w56 server is the only place you'll find it at the moment, but I am sure the Hackers-Supply archives and Peter's Page will be updated very soon. On W56, hold the cursor over the leoworld page and you'll see the login and password. Click and you'll get to the Leoworld cracks page. Just download the new crack zip file, read it and put the filename of what you want in the search engine. That will bring up the crack link.

Everything seems OK now with the links to both Hackers-Supply and #1 Texas. Hacker introduced a rather nasty piece of javascript earlier today - the memory eater - for pages that linked to his but through an oversight on his part this page got caught up with it. All OK now.

For those that have been asking, Hacker intends his Hackers Supply archives to be accessible only from this page. Anyone else who tries to link to his page is dealt with unpleasantly. So we really are in a privileged position and I hope those people who had problems accessing his sites yesterday and today understand. Everything should be OK now.

Remember though that every visitor to both pages now have to give a login and password - it is NW98 for #1 Texas and HS98 for the Hackers Supply archives. For the #1 Texas site, click on HERE, the last word in the last line, to get to the cracks page.

Again, I'm impressed with the number of cracks that Crack King's business partner, BamaFats, has supplied on the message board so far. And thanks to the many others for also filling requests or giving advice. Nice to see. Actually there's quite a bit of interesting information given out on that page that I enjoyed reading.

As I told you yesterday, we've lost zTrindbergs Phrozen Crew site again unfortunately. And I think its owner is on a break for a few weeks so it may not be back for a while. We've got some great pages on the list now, but still sad to think of the ones that have gone down over the life of this page, particularly #CrackZ, Flinches, UCF and Information Overload. Hope they'll all be back up again soon.

Netking has been keeping me up to date with United Cracking Force, and you'll be pleased to hear that they will be back bigger and better than ever soon, with some exciting new features on their page. In the meantime you can check out their July cracks on the Hackers Supply Archives.

Worth mentioning before I go is the Cracking 4 All site on the secondary list. It has new cracks added every second day or so, so make sure you check in there regularly.

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Europe http://www.netking.org/zor (down)

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